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Pèire que préiquen, call for land artist

10 January 2020

Through the artist residency Pèire que préiquen (“telling stones”, in occitan language) the Ecomuseum Terra del Castelmagno aims to locally and internationally promote the site of le Laouziere, historical stone quarries in S. Pietro Monterosso (Province of Cuneo, Italy) by looking for a land artist by open call. Le Laouziere in San Pietro Monterosso is a site of stone quarries that between XVII and XX centuries was an important working and social core in the Grana Valley (Province of Cuneo, Italy).

Since 2007 the Ecomuseum Terra del Castelmagno protects and enhances the land where it was born: the Grana Valley. It is made of landscape, surface, geographic territory worked by men, but it’s also a place with a specific culture, special lifestyles and habits and a unique community. In the Grana Valley, always open to the whole world, the Ecomuseum is going to realize an artist residency to turn Le Laouziere in San Pietro Monterosso from a production place to a research and experimentation site, projected toward a future scenario where quarries will be a place of tourist fruition and artistic production, pursuing sustainable policies and preserving landscape and territory.

The residency will start a process of requalification and enhancement of identity, history and environment of the site and will stimulate local communities to take part in the protecton of traditional culture through contemporary and unusual paths. Contemporary art will support a creative and special way of discussion about environment, territory, local society and culture, in alternative to the disappeared craft knowledge. Art will produce new forms of dialogue with different languages, allowing a creative, interactive and intercultural way of sharing.

Artists of all nationalities and ages who work in the field of contemporary and land art, possessing proven experiences in the implementation of site-specific works are invited to partecipate. Only one artist will be chosen among the applicants. The winning artist will be offered an artist residency between May 2nd and 9th 2020 in the Grana Valley territory (Cuneo Province, Italy), to produce a site-specific landartwork, that will converse with an emotional and narrative research produced by the other artists in the residency: land art, sound design and narration talk to each other and to the territory.

Infos and requirements to apply are here >>>
Deadline 10thMarch 2020

The project Pèire que préiquen is by Associazione La Cevitou, in partnership with Associazione Chambra d’Oc, Associazione NOAU | officina culturale and Associazione Liretta, with the support of Fondazione CRC. Partners: Polytechic of Turin, Municipality of Monterosso Grana, Associatione Contardo Ferrini Association, Fondazione Filatoio Rosso, Viano marmi s.n.c., Unione Montana Valle Grana.