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Address: Sasmeesterwoning Royerssluis Oosterweelsteenweg 3
City: Anversa
State/County: Flanders
Zip: 2030
Country: Belgium

AIR Antwerpen is an international residence project for artists. In the former lockman’s residence the project has obtained a fabulous post industrial location. It is located on the border between the old and the new harbour, close to the city centre.
AIR Antwerpen is more than a receptive workplace for artists from abroad. The organisation wishes to profile itself as a breeding ground for contemporary art, a place where art is developed and where artistic research is pursued.
AIR Antwerpen offers no exhibition platform for visual arts as such. The organisation is active within the national and international visual arts network and undertakes collaborative ventures which can result in research oriented co-productions.
Thanks to its setting in a city with a rich cultural history and an effervescent contemporary art scene, AIR Antwerpen is capable of initiating a spontaneous dialogue between past and present, and the local and global.

AIR Antwerpen is first and foremost is a place where art is developed, and where reflection and artistic research is undertaken.
AIR Antwerpen offers living and working spaces to:
Artists from abroadPossible partners in the cultural field, in the context of co-productions and related presentations.Curators
The organisation assists the residents with substansive and whenever possible also technical support with experimental productions.
The emphasis within AIR Antwerpen lies in the visual arts. Collaborations with artists from other disciplines or with scientists are also possible.
AIR Antwerpen does not accept open application. Together with an international artistic advisory commission the artistic director selects and invites artists. The advisory commission consists of: Nico Dockx, Narcisse Tordoir, Mai Abu Eldahab, Chris Evans and Jos Van den Berg, Luis Silva and Nikita Choi.

Alan Quireyns
Contour, Extra city, Lokaal 01, Middelheim Museum, Muhka, Nicc, Res Artis, Sint Lucas, Studio Start, H ART, Europalia Turkey, Kunsthalle Lissabon, Objectif Exhibitions
Stijn Van Dorpe, Ada van Hoorebeke, Leda Bourgogne, Scott Raby, Paky Vlassopoulou, Tamara Van San, Tomáš Kajánek.

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