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Address: Via Martini 17
City: Nove
Area: Vicenza
State/County: Veneto
Zip: 36055
Country: Italy

NUOVE//Residency was founded in 2013 by Géraldine Blais, in the district of Bassano del Grappa – Marostica and Nove, in the north east of Italy.
NUOVE//Residency is a residency project for international artists interested to knowledge, experimentation and production of ceramic works.
In consideration of certain initiatives and artistic activities able to implement cultural and social changes, NUOVE//Residency aims to strenghten the identity of its territory through the interaction between contemporary art experiece and local companies.
We offer an ideal place for learning and produce works in ceramic.
We grant the maximum technical support from our experts and professional in the production of ceramic works, working side by side with the best craftsmen and industrial manufactures, in the aim to extend and promote the value of the productive tradition through contemporary art.
In 2016 NUOVE//Residency has expanded its program by developing new collaboration and projects with important local industries specialized on the production and processing of raw and regenerated materials.

Geraldine Blais
Geraldine Blais

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