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Address: Rua Damasceno Monteiro 12, Lisbona, Portogallo
City: Lisboa
State/County: Lisboa
Zip: 1170
Country: Portugal

HANGAR CENTRO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO ARTÍSTICA is an Artistic Research Center located in Graça, Lisbon. HANGAR includes a center of exhibitions, artistic residencies, and artistic studies. It is also a center of education, talks, and conversations that unify geographic locations, cultures and identities and stimulate the development of artistic and theoretical practices.
HANGAR also seeks to organize and produce the development of artistic inter-disciplinary projects and visual arts projects that focus on Lisbon as a central backdrop for contemporary culture.
HANGAR is an independent space managed by artists and curators. It is a place for experimentation, research, and reflection artistic practices. This space is a point of convergence of various areas of contemporary artistic processes.

HANGAR was born out of the will of a group of artists, curators, and producers belonging to Xerem and their close collaborators. This group of people sought to create conditions for artistic creation and research that operated closely with urban Lisbon.
HANGAR aims to encourage the creative and formative possibilities of exploratory artistic practices and interact with different local agents. The artists, curators and other agents of HANGAR— national and international— will be challenged with creating a global platform with which to exchange ideas and experiences. HANGAR will encourage experimentation and cross-disciplinary practices as a means of personal and collective growth.

Here are the specific lines of action of HANGAR:
• Encourage artistic interaction and exploration of the urban environment especially in the contexts of memory, space and people.
• Interact with the public urban spaces.
• Create a space of research and arts, collective consciousness, and local history.
• Interact with the figures of the local community (residents and merchants) as well as comprehensive artistic context (galleries and foundations).
• Develop exhibitions, seminars, workshops.
• Develop workshops, courses and projects in art and education.
• Develop international artistic residencies, network exchanges of artists, and other cultural actors.

Hangar develops several International Residency Programs that give non-resident artists in Portugal or Lisbon, the opportunity to live and work in Lisbon for a period between 1 and 3 months. The program aims to facilitate the international exchange and the exchange of ideas through artistic practice in the areas of visual arts, performance, photography and video.
Through strategic partnerships in the international art world and institutions linked to cultural production and artistic research in various countries and through the Triangle Network Hangar program aims to strengthen the existing exchange between Portugal, Europe, Africa and South America.
There are two formats to the Residency Program: Host Residencies (spontaneous application, subject to approval) and Visiting Artists Residency (invitation and open call, subject to a jury selection).
For more information please access our guidelines.
180º Artistas ao Sul is one of the undergoing Residency Programs.

Bruno Leitão
Mónica de Miranda
Anna Lindh, Artéria, Beyond Entropy, CEC, Gasworks, Edições Senhora do Monte, Emma, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Orfeu Negro, TINAWC, TrAIN, Triangle Network
2017 - Rodrigo Hernández, Jenny Lewis, Marianne Skaarup, Bernard Paquet, Alice Marcelino, Dzifa Peters, Irene Nerys, Caroline Corleone, Tina Tahir, Maura Grimaldi, Alexia Villard, Nathan Harris, Rodney Ewing, Wei Hsinyen, Clara Benfatti, Sherry Wiggins, Mona Mohagheghi, Nazareno, Tanya Pixie Johnson, Van Holanda, Candy Chang & James A. Reeves, Dennis DeHart, Iiris Viirpalu, Ambika Trasi, Isabella Benshimol, Tom Correia, Mariana Najmanovich, Ellena Savage, Sophie Louise Braziunas and Paula van Erven, Sam Perry, Januário Jano, Maimuna Adam 2016 - Rubén M. Riera, Louis Henderson, Daria Tchapanova, Miguel Angel Valdivia, Robert Atwater, Anneli Holmstrom, Carlos Fernández-Pello, Bettina Guimarães, Meghna Singh, Saaya Hitomi, Bryony Dunne, Nathalie Mba Bikoro, Marina Pu, William Pham, Elin Mack, Maya Portner, Elina Bäckman, SUPRIYA PAVA, André Tasso + Bruno Humberto + Daniela Silvestre + João Ferro Martins + WM, Michaela Putz, Rosa Allison, Letícia Ramos, EDUARDA ESTRELLA, IAN WAELDER, Edson Chagas 2015 - Jacobus Capone, Cecilia García-Giralda Rodriguez, Myriam Mechita, Mário Macilau, Irineu Destourelles, Eurídice Kala

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