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Artworks from residences: “Bells Breathe Wildly” by Daniele Di Girolamo

6 December 2019

Bells breathe wildly by Daniele Di Girolamo is a sound artwork made in a art residences of AIR artinresidence’s network.

The people use the sound of the bells as information. Many signs are associated with them, not only for religious function, and some of these last still today. The sounds of the bells that indicate the rhythm of the human activity was recorded, next it was processed. The manipulation of these sounds consists in canceling the attack of the bells and preserving only their vibration and reverberation. In this way the clear rhythmic scan of the human activity was eliminated and the track obtained emulate the same fluid rhythm as flowing water. The human activity is hybridized with it. The two cycles go into a symbiotic relationship.

Bells breathe wildly is a work made during “Pratiche di forze”, a residence by Guilmi Art Project, Italy, summer 2019.