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30 June 2017

Cripta747 is proud to announce its first Residency Programme to support the creative development of artists, curators and researchers, from any field of contemporary culture, without any geographical or age limit.

The Residency Programme takes place at Cripta747’s headquarters, an industrial building located in the North of Turin. Following the city’s vocation for an artistic and cultural model focused on investigation and production processes, Cripta747 provides artists with the opportunity to live and work in Turin for 6 / 8 weeks during September – October 2017 while developing individual projects and immersing themselves in the city’s creative environment.

The project aims at implementing and rethinking new strategies in research and artistic practices, refocusing the attention onto the production processes.

Through a fellowship programme, it favours artists’ mobility, fosters exchange between local and foreign artists, and supports both material and conceptual production.

An international scientific board that consists of curators, artists and directors of selected European art institutions, discusses the annual focus that will orient the residence and makes the final selection from the proposals shortlisted by Cripta747. At the end of the residence the fellows are invited to present the results of their researches through an open studio. The opening of places dedicated to artistic production offers to the public, as well as the artists involved, the unique opportunity to see and discuss issues and processes related to the research carried out during the months of residence. Cripta747 encourages a spirit of openness in the programme’s on-going activities of reasearch and production, through participation programmes and public events.

Cripta 747

Cripta 747