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Galerie Fotografic, Prague – Open Call 2020

8 Agosto 2019

Fotografic Gallery, Prague announces an international open call for exhibition projects for 2020.

It focus on contemporary photography, including various experiments and multimedia overlaps. The open call is designed for Czech and international artists, both individuals and artistic groups. It is looking for innovative approaches and new insights into photography, videoart, interactive media, as well as paintings and drawings to enrich its current exhibition program.

The application should be in Czech or English and must include:
– short project annotation including photographs or visualization
– artist’s portfolio and CV (pdf or web link)
– estimated exhibition budget and its financial coverage (briefly)
– contact information (phone, e-mail).

Fotografic will provide:
– PR (printed invitation cards, social networks, newsletter, media)
– installation assistance
– organisation of an exhibition opening
– corresponding artistic events during the exhibition
– duration of the show 4-6 weeks, open to public Tue-Sun.

In case of financially demanding projects we recommend artists to seek for individual grant support. Fotografic Gallery can be helpful in their achieving by the means of sending invitation letter for example.

Deadline: 15th August 2019.

The results of this open call will published in September 2019 on the Fotografic Gallery’s web and fb sites.

For more information: https://fotografic.cz/open-call/.